reach out and sway your booty

With their first ever live recording, TOK TOK TOK fulfil their audience’s longtime wish. For years, TOK TOK TOK fans from all over have repeatedly requested a live album, craving a memento of TOK TOK TOK’s unique live performance.
So here it finally is: ‘Reach out and sway your Booty’ - don’t miss it!

TOK TOK TOK (alias Tokunbo Akinro and Morten Klein plus Band) have always
made a strong distinction between their recorded and live performance, and
’Reach out and sway your Booty’ gives us a taste of the live sensation.
Coming from a trio background, when studio albums involved recording guitar, mouth drums and saxophone simultaneously, the repertory had to be adjusted to the stage setting. This approach made every TOK TOK TOK concert a truly unique performance with room for improvisation, suspense and surprise.
With ‘Reach out and sway your Booty’, TOK TOK TOK have taken it one step further, presenting the essence of their 10-year career in this intense live recording.

‘Reach out and sway your Booty’ harbours a collection of signature tunes from all of TOK TOK TOK’s eight studio albums dating as far back as 1999, but also including last year’s release success ‘from soul to soul’.

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The World Of Duke Ellington Vol. 2
WDR Big Band Koeln

26.10.2007  Hybrid-SACD  BHM 1023-2   more >>09020900145

Cut A little Deeper On The Funk
Raphael Wressnig’s Organic Trio

Raised up in Graz/Austria at only 28 years old Wressnig has already established himself as one of Europe’s top and most explosive jazz & funk organists. With this CD, he not only cements that reputation on the international jazz scene, but he is well on his way to creating a sound and an approach to the instrument that is particularly fresh, edgy and penetrating. Raphaael’s main influences have come from the great traditional jazz organists Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff and some modern interpreters John Medeski, Larry Goldings and Billy Preston. Wressnig palyed already with stars like Louisina Red, Sugar Blue, Hoarcio “El negro” Hernandez (grammy winner, ex-Carlos Santana, McCoy Tyner), Pete York (Spencer Davis Group, Helge Schneider) any many more. With Cut Deeper on the Funk, Wressnig shows he is interested in not only challenging himself and the music, but that he is open minded and ready to explore. This recording is a panoply of all original songs that go from straight-up swing blues to more avant-garde material. The different songs and sounds work wonderfully off each other, and when the group takes it outside, they always come back to the basics keeping it cohesive—always emphasizing that the blues is not far behind.

Raphael Wressnig (Hammond B3 organ)
Georg Jantscher (guitar)
Lukas Knöfler (drums)
Special guests: Craig Handy (sax #6), Sax Gordon (sax #1, 9),
Eric Bloom (trumpet #1, 9), Christian Bachner (sax #8)
Luis Ribeiro (percussion #6, 7)

1) Road To Detroit (R. Wressnig), 2) N.O.T aka N'Awlins Thang (L. Knöfler) - 3) Cut A Little Deeper On The Funk (R. Wressnig) – 4) Ridin' (G. Jantscher) - 5) Stringdance (G.Jantscher) - (5.14), 6) Exit Soul-Ville (R. Wressnig) - (7.42)
7) Midnight On The Bayou (R. Wressnig) -8) Twenty Four (G. Jantscher) - (4.46) 9) Growlin' The Blues (R. Wressnig)

Nearly 40 concerts EUROPE RELEASE Tour

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The Evolution Series - Oscar Peterson
Various Artists

Watch this remarkable new high quality 2CD incl. rare information and pictures celebrating the history of great jazz legends!

Oscar Peterson died at the age of 82.

During an illustrious career spanning seven decades, Peterson played with some of the biggest names in jazz, including Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie. He is also remembered for touring in a trio with Ray Brown on bass and Herb Ellis on guitar in the 1950s. Peterson's impressive collection of awards include all of Canada's highest honors, such as the Order of Canada, as well as a Lifetime Grammy and a spot in the International Jazz Hall of Fame. His growing stature was reflected in the admiration of his peers. Duke Ellington referred to him as "Maharajah of the keyboard," while Count Basie once said "Oscar Peterson plays the best ivory box I've ever heard."
(taken from

29.02.2008  CD  BHM 2000-2   more >> 09020489334

The World Of Duke Ellington Vol. 3
WDR Big Band Koeln

The program of this last of three Ellington concerts at the MusikTriennale Cologne ’94 is focused on the later works (1955 – 1974), but also contains new arrangements of Ellington and Strayhorn titles from the entire period of the Ellington orchestra. These new arrangements are, on the one hand, a personal summary of this concert series that was dedicated to Duke Ellington in this first year of the MusikTriennale. On the other hand, they serve as a platform for the featured guest of the evening, Phil Woods.

These CDs are Hybrid SACDs an will also available as Vinyl-LPs.

29.02.2008  CD  BHM 1024-2   more >>090204900145

Blues & Beyond
WDR Big Band Koeln

WDR Big Band Koeln
conducted by John Clayton


1. Everyday I have The Blues
2. Ol’ Man River
3. I’ve Got It Bad
4. Bag’s Groove
5. Since I fell For You
6. Dearly Beloved
7. You Are So Beautiful
8. Smack Dab In the Middle
9. Reverence
10. It Don’t mean A Thing
11. If I Were A Bell
12. Honeysuckle Rose
13. Jimmy’s Blues
14. Hallelujah I Love her So

14.03.2008  CD  BHM 1027-2   more >>880831028523

Beyond The Blue
Andrea Marcelli

Moved to USA in 1989 spending 8 years in Los Angeles and 4 in New York. Andrea is resident in Berlin since 2001. He is leading an active musical life performing live and/or recording with Wayne Shorter, Allan Holdsworth, Bob Mintzer, Mitchel Forman, Eddie Gomez, Mike Stern, Don Menza, Ralph Towner, Marc Johnson, Mike Mainieri, Chuck Loeb, Alex Acuna, John Patitucci, Bob Berg, Eric Marienthal, Hiram Bullock, Jeff Berlin and many more. Beyond the Blue features Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Eddie Gomez – what a musical landscape

“Andrea Marcelli's music is vibrant and thought-provoking as today's events. Andrea is such a chameleon. When I first heard his music, it struck me that he played drums, clarinet, percussion, keyboards, and composed in a variety of styles that defied classification, moreover, his display of sensitivity and creative approach to the work produced."- Wayne Shorter

"The themes and instrumental colors seem made for each other, more like painting than a string of jazz solos." - Owen Cordles (Jazz Times)

Line Up:

Bob Mintzer - tenor sax
Mike Stern - guitar
Mitchel Forman - piano
Eddie Gomez - bass
Andrea Marcelli - drums

23.05.2008  CD  BHM 1028-2   more >>090204787326

Chet Baker

Beginning in 1953 he was defeating all of his fellow trumpeters in the polls, the important colleagues of modern jazz – Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Clifford Brown – as well as Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge and other giants of the tradition. A sort of miracle had happened. They were celebrating a long grown-up man who looked like a cute, shy teenager, and boasted neither the dexterity of a virtuoso, nor a huge voluminous sound. He wasn't good in any of the classic trumpet domains: he didn't play loudly, nor did he reach those ultra-high notes that some trumpeters like to scream. He abstained from an emotional vibrato and only rarely played quickly barely reaching the lowest standard in a bebop era, which was looking for swift melody lines. He hardly was able to do all of this, for he had lost an incisor, which limited his possibilities, but made his own sound world possible, which has enchanted people around the world.
This 4 cd box contains 76 tracks of the jazz giants and incl. liner notes in english by jounalist Marcus A. Woelfle

04.07.2008  CD  BHM 2000-2   more >>090204894314

On Top - Live In Europe
The Headhunters

The Headhunters are a popular jazz-funk fusion band, best known for their albums they recorded as a backing band of jazz keyboard player Herbie Hancock during the 1970s. Hancock's debut album with the group, Head Hunters, is one of the best-selling jazz/fusion records of all time. Now after 3 decades the Headhunters are back with a tremendous 2 cd live album set, recorded in France during their last tour 2007. The result is pure funk album – with some classic and new headhunters compositions. For sure they are going to rock the house again!
Line up:
Line up: Bill Summers (Perc.), Mike Clark (Drums), Jerry Z (keys), TM Stevens (Bass), Mark Shim (Sax). Donald Harrison (Sax) performs on “Butterfly”,
Bonus Video: “Headhunters live in Bobigny, France” /CD Extra)

Recorded live in Europe 2007

01.08.2008  CD  BHM 1030-2   more >>090204787388

Benny Lackner

The “collective” is a piano trio, with some subtle electronics added—Wurlitzer and Nord lead 2—along with a dash of electro-percussion. When you talk piano trio and equality of each member's input, you start with Bill Evans and run through Keith Jarrett and on to Brad Mehldau. Lackner and company definitely fit into the Mehldau mold: a mix of subtlety and insistence, understatement and delicate beauty underlain by a firm melodic path. The equality part of the group dynamic is increased on Pilgrim by the Songwriting contributions of bassist Derek Nievergelt and drummer Robert Perkins. On Sign of the Times they co-penned only one tune with Lackner—”Sister Love.” On the present recording Nievergelt contributes five of his own tunes, and Perkins collaborates with Lackner and/or Nievergelt on four more. Whereas Sign of the Times drew from composers like Gershwin, Bjork, Mal Waldron and Prince (how's that for a mix?), Pilgrim stays with mostly group-penned tunes, with the exception of two marvelous covers of songs written by the Canadian singer/songwriter Feist—the lovely, fragile “Lonely, Lonely” and the somber “Let It Die.” Part of the strength of this set is the sustained quiet mood. The sound is introspective and understated— no flash or pyrotechics—with lots of breathing room and first-rate musicianship, reminiscent (delving into the pop world) of Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding (Columbia, '67) or Van Morrison's Astral Weeks (Warner Brothers, '68). A sound that caresses, seduces, and lasts.

"Lackner may be the first established pianist to come from the Mehldau school. With a contemporary approach, he helps give the piano trio a much-needed facelift."
-John Kelman,

10.10.2008  CD  BHM 1032-2   more >>090204894451

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Maceo Parker & WDR Bigband Cologne
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